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The sales department is the one who helps us maintain a constant cash flow within our company since it guarantees income through the achievement of new business according to this degree of importance. They are also responsible for being aware of new trends. in the market since, as is well known, markets are dynamic and therefore their behavior is not always the same, below we provide a list of sales trends that includes relevant practices that sales leaders and representatives recommend to us.

  • 1. Automated sales

To use this modality In sales, we must start by dismantling all those barriers that may arise around them, such as false beliefs and fear of losing creativity and personalization.

Automation represents great advantages among them; it encourages creativity as routine tasks that require a lot of time are delegated to specialized software, allowing work teams to have more time which can be used to focus. in your brainstorms and therefore find innovative ways to sell your products and personalize your offers.

On the other hand, it helps us reduce the inconveniences presented when we have careless sales agents. and forgetful people who have difficulty having to make manual records, it also offers the possibility of providing effective responses to clients in a prompt manner, thanks to the fact that automatic processes generate a unified database with client information and eliminating faulty or incomplete data .

Regarding the customization process, by having this support we will be able to speed up our attention since we will take clients to a representative, until we find one that suits them. is qualified to respond to your request.

  • 2. Value-based sales

Having discounts or promotions active continuously will not guarantee that customers arrive on their own since currently the concept that it is an unmissable offer is not the most striking, Therefore, this purchasing perspective becomes increasingly risky for businesses.

Currently a One of the most important sales trends is: stop selling to our prospects and customers! Yes, we know it sounds contradictory, but, in this moment, the Consumers are much more careful with their choices so we can see them rejecting offers every day.

Within this trend, it should be highlighted that the value we give to our product or service should be based on how well it satisfies the needs and desires of customers or on the benefit it provides. we are giving out. This means that sales representatives must leave back just selling features and focusing on promoting the results that the product or service means to buyers.

  • 3. AI as support for the training of representatives

Among the barriers that we must break down we find that in which we see the technologies such as AIs as enemies and we start to see them as great allies when having our trained representatives since it can give them new techniques, Tactics driven by role plays, not only this, they also allow tracking and monitoring of progress, allowing the sales manager to ensure that his collaborators are up to date in their career as sellers.

Artificial intelligence has become a great ally and, little by little, the notion that it is a universal enemy is being overcome. In the sales area, although there are already many tools based on this technology, the trend is leaning towards its use for training representatives.

  • 4. Seek customer success

Simply delivering our product or service does not guarantee customer success, it is the value that we deliver and the continuous monitoring of your satisfaction is the key, this sales trend presents a great advantage on a monetary level since it does not require a large investment, however the time we must dedicate to the retention and impulse It must be greater, which is why it is vital to generate strategies for this process either by holding meetings from time to time which allow us to identify any difficulty early and validate if another of our products or services can be used to solve it.

  • 5. Videos as a tool for attracting prospects

The simplicity and ease of bringing information to our clients is part of this trend, so stay away of the written content and leverage videos to convey information to customers.

Introducing videos to the sales process reduces your cycle by up to half. There are several ways to integrate these videos, some are:

Product presentation: You can have videos that present your products and services so that potential clients can see their operation, What benefits they offer and the uses they have.

Testimonials: Showing prospects the positive experiences of other customers will make them feel more confident about the step they are deciding to take.

Demonstration: It serves to teach our prospects and interested parties how a product or service works in the real world. It supports us in providing greater clarity with articles that are difficult to explain.

Explanatory: They help us deliver complex information in a clearer and more concise way.

Live Videos: They are ideal for connecting with potential customers in real time through live question and answer sessions, demos or product launches.

  • 6. Growth of the “Freemium” modality

Being able to try on shoes or clothes before buying them and knowing that they fit you well and are what you were looking for is a very enriching experience when making a purchase. decision of purchase, but this process has not remained only there, it has been extended to new companies, which represents a great opportunity to close sales.

Although it may not seem of great value to offer the use of a service for free, the reality is that this model means that eventually, Those who are using it exhaust the limited functions and are encouraged to pay for a premium account.

This trend is increasingly popular and seeing greater use since by eliminating the cost of an entry account, a natural lead nurturing process is created: free tools, trials or functions increase customer visibility, helping at the same time sales representatives to raise awareness.

  • 7. Live Chat

The implementation of a live chat is important to increase the engagement of a company, since it allows customers to interact directly with the organization in a known and preferred channel.

Live chat is much more effective than the same service via email or phone calls. However, the attention in the chat should be as personal as possible.

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