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On-Premise Solution

Or on site. The resources are located at the client's facilities.
Ideal for medium and large companies.

Cloud Solution

Or in the cloud. The resources are hosted in large data centers. Ideal for startups and small businesses.

Both modalities have powerful features, guaranteed security and access to support channels.

iKono PBX - Completo Sistema PBX

iKono PBX

Communicate with your collaborators through iKono PBX, an IP telephony solution that will help your company reduce traditional national and international telephony costs by up to 70%. Affordable and adaptable to the size of your company.

PBX system with powerful features and great benefits

free calls

Free calls between company branches, even if they are in another city.

Reports and statistics

Detailed reports and statistics by date, extensions and calls.

Remote extensions

Travel the world with your extension on a laptop or smartphone.

Conference rooms

Access to conference rooms with no limit on participants.

voice mailboxes

Voice messages in your email, anywhere in the world.

Web phone directory

Internal or external website to consult all the extensions of your company in real time.

Welcome menu (IVR)

Menu that answers and filters incoming calls from your company.

Telephone interconnection

Analog phones, IP phones, softphones and smartphones.

Cellular stemming

Generate reports, recordings and use IVR on cell lines using SIM's. Each extension will be able to dial through them.

waiting music

Allow your customers to listen to your company's jingle while they are on hold.

Automatic call forwarding

Automatically forward incoming calls to multiple destinations.

Call transference

Transfer incoming or outgoing calls from your extension to another in the same office or in another office.

Remote call pickup

Resume an incoming call that is incoming to other extensions.

Call waiting

Each employee at each extension can place a call on hold using music on hold.

Attention schedule

Have incoming calls go to voicemail during unattended hours.

Roles and permissions

Assign the output permissions you decide to each extension.


Each user has their own exit key and is assigned only authorized destinations.

Call timer

You can set a minute limit for outgoing calls.


Acquire iKono Suite:
PBX system and Call Center solution in one place

The power of iKono Call Center + iKono PBX from a single platform. Provide your collaborators and clients with a comprehensive experience in corporate telecommunications.

Technical support plans

We have a team ready to advise you and keep your iKono PBX in optimal working order.

Office hours

Monday tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Technical support is not provided on Saturdays and Sundays

Extended office hours

Monday tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00 am – 8:00 pm

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

7 x 24 attention

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When contracting the services of iKono Call Center, this information is expanded in the Service Level Agreement.

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Let's schedule an appointment in person or by video call and learn about the features of our PBX system, while an advisor analyzes your case and tells you how you can optimize your company's communications. Talk to us on WhatsApp to schedule an appointment.

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