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From an idea to a venture,

from a company to a family.

We are a Colombian company, born in the city of Pereira and we are very proud to be part of the history of this region. Our idea was born as part of the university degree project and we grew hand in hand with our collaborators, clients and allies. Our values are based on the belief in smart work, responsibility, constant improvement, teamwork and commitment to others. We know the importance we assume in each project and we work to always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Mission and vision


iKono Telecomunicaciones SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to developing and implementing software solutions in IP Telephony and Unified Communications with its own high-quality, innovative and robust products that positively impact the companies that acquire them.



iKono Telecomunicaciones in the year 2025 is recognized as one of the best companies for the development and implementation of telecommunications solutions in Latin America. It is made up of a group of talented people who provide innovative, quality-certified products and services to highly satisfied customers.

Awards and honours

Global ICT Winner 2012

Taipei, Taiwan, August 2012
Cloud Computing Category

Global ICT Winner 2010

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nov 2012
Best Entrepreneurship Business

ICT Americas Winner 2009

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, May 2009
OAS E-business Category

Finalist Ecopreneur Mongolia 2011

ICT Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, 2011

Acopi Centro Oeste 2010 Award

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ventures 2009 Finalists

ANDI 2008 award semi-finalist

Innova National

Call Management Project 2007

Sena / Colciencias


Our Manager is passionate about enjoying and spending time with her family. Admired and respected by everyone in the company, she cares for and ensures everyone's well-being. She is one of the 3 partners who formed, created and made this beautiful and wonderful company grow, she is very responsible and understanding.

He is our Commercial Manager. He is a very professional person, passionate about sales and photography. He is part of the 3 partners who created iKono. He loves to travel, learn about cultures, eat and also contemplate nature. He wanted to be an architect but his thing was technology. He is a great friend, he usually makes us laugh with his stories and he is an excellent person.

He is our Engineering Manager, he is an excellent professional, he likes to teach and has a beautiful family. He forms the team of the 3 partners who founded this great company. He is a great person, he is passionate about competing in group games, he is very dedicated to his work and has a great taste for physics.

Our Engineer and development leader creates, analyzes and solves all the internal problems of the platforms quickly, a great friend respected by all her colleagues. His characteristic laugh infects everyone, his demand to complete active group breaks has made us integrate in a pleasant way with everyone. She is very dedicated to what she does and an excellent professional.

Our Technical Support Leader provides excellent support to all our clients regarding our services and the installation of equipment, solving problems effectively and quickly. He is an excellent colleague, very responsible and dedicated. He has a beautiful family made up of his wife and daughter.

He is our Commercial Executive, passionate about the world of sales and music. He is a reserved man and very lucky to work as a team with his wife. He is responsible and communicates patiently with his clients. He likes to play the guitar and create melodies.

Our great commercial executive who generates and transmits that confidence to clients about our services and the love that we put as a team in the products we offer. A very happy person, happy with her husband and loving with her family. Creates great links with companies and their clients in a very professional manner.

She is our Administrative and Accounting Assistant, she supports us in everything the company requires in accounting matters, she has a great smile, she is responsible, very judicious and dedicated to her work, she loves fashion and she loves animals. She has a beautiful daughter and a great husband.

He is part of the Development team, in charge of creating new functionalities and making updates to the front-end. With back-end and bot development skills. He is a very punctual, responsible person, he has a passion for anime and video games. He is a great companion and is very patient.

He is part of the Development team, he has a taste for studying and music. He is a software developer, responsible for developing process automation tools and deployment tasks in the infrastructure of the Call Center and Chat platform. He likes to draw and exercise.

It forms the Development team, in charge of developing frontend, bot and API solutions. With mobile application development skills. He is a good companion, he likes anime, he tells peculiar stories and he is responsible.

He is a software developer in charge of supporting the tasks in the construction of the APIs for the backend of the iKono Chat platform. He is a judicious, responsible boy, he supports the development area.


He is a software developer in charge of supporting development tasks. He is a kind, smiling and responsible boy.

Hace parte del área de Desarrollo, se encuentra vinculado al proyecto iKono Call Center. Es una persona responsable, amable, comprometido con su trabajo, un gran compañero, muy alegre. Amante de las motos, la velocidad y capturar paisajes espectaculares.

He forms the Technical Support team, supporting his colleagues in solving customer problems. He is a good person, he is responsible and calm. He has a love for motorcycles and has a beautiful dog who is his great companion.

She supports us in the support team by providing solutions to clients, she is a happy girl, she loves to read, watch sunsets, and be with her family. He is responsible and kind.

He supports us in the Technical Support team, supports us with constant communication and provides the best solution to all our clients. He is a happy, responsible person, and has a good sense of humor. 

Nos apoya en el área de Soporte Técnico escuchando a los clientes y atendiendo sus solicitudes de manera cordial y con la mejor disposición, es una persona alegre, emprendedor, responsable, le encantan las motos, viajar a conocer nuevos lugares, y le apasiona el mundo de la tecnología

He is the Commercial Sales Coach, he is a super friendly person, he has skills to communicate effectively and teach our commercial executives the best way to sell. He is a great human being, very proactive, responsible and very noble.

Es nuestra Líder de Mercadeo, se encarga del manejo de las redes sociales y todos los procesos de mercadeo. Es una persona amable, comprometida, respetuosa, le gusta leer, ver documentales y aprender todos los días algo nuevo.

Es nuestra Auxiliar Administrativa (Aprendiz SENA), nos ayuda con procesos contables y de recursos humanos, siempre tiene actitud positiva, le gusta trabajar en equipo, es muy amable, cuenta con un buen manejo de confidencialidad y discreción y es apasionada por lo que hace.

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