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SMS masivos - iKono SMS - Envía miles de mensajes de texto

iKono SMS

Mass SMS. Massively send thousands of text messages to all operators in Colombia, Mexico and Peru, quickly, effectively and easily, all from a powerful web platform. View reports, use recipient notebooks and many more features.

What can you do with iKono SMS?

Payment reminders

Make the necessary reminders, in a general or personalized way to raise portfolio, it is highly effective!

Mass invitations

Mass invite all the contacts you want to attend your event!

Appointment reminder

Effectively remember the appointments that your patients have scheduled.

Promote your website

Let your audience know your product or service. Increase traffic to your website by including links in your text messages!


All operators

Sending text messages to any national operator.

fast shipping

Fast mass sending of campaigns.

Unlimited users

Creation of unlimited users who can share the same balance.


Shipping reports.

Recipient notebooks

Frequent recipient notebooks.

cloud service

Self-managed cloud service.

How can you optimize your company's communications with a simple SMS platform?

How can you communicate massively with SMS?

These are some cases where our clients use mass text messaging to communicate with their audience.


"We remind you that you scheduled a medical evaluation appointment for tomorrow, January 5 at 7:30 PM at the VitaFit Gym"


«We inform you that the timely payment of your credit card expired yesterday. Make your payment today to avoid default interest. Enter the Banco NorteCo Virtual Branch and catch up."


«We inform you that the SOAT of the car with CCD-115 plates expires on 03/12/19, renew it at Seguros Vitalita and receive premium washing + alignment. Request it at this link bit.ly/SOAT»


"We want to extend the vacation with all its fun, that's why this weekend we will have a discount on all beach products, visit CostShop and save more."

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Take a tour of our platforms. An advisor will tell you how you can optimize your company's corporate communications. Talk to us on WhatsApp to schedule the appointment.

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