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iKono Mailing

Mass emails from a simple platform. Implement an Email Marketing strategy in your company in a simple way, without complications!

Get the most out of your database

Everything you need

To implement your Email Marketing strategy


Capture your customers' attention with impressive emails – no coding required.


Maintain consistency and brand recognition with templates.


Get better open and read rates thanks to a high level of personalization.

Email Validation

Increase your open rates by receiving emails in the right inboxes.


Ensures compliance with withdrawal requests.


Metrics and more to understand email performance.

How can you optimize your company's communications with a simple Mailing platform?


Integrated platform


1. Easy to use platform.
2. You have 3 options to create the content of the Mailing campaign.
3. With default templates to customize.
4. Ability to attach files.
5. You can schedule shipments.

What can you do with iKono Mailing?

Build a lasting relationship

Every time you obtain the email address of a new client, prospect, lead or subscriber, add them to a contact list to send them information of interest.

Promote offers

Although it is not the only thing, the offers are usually very attractive for the majority of the public. Carry out mass email campaigns to tell your database what offers you have for them. Remember that the interests of each audience are different, which is why our contact lists are useful.

Send newsletters

Do you have an important communication to make and need it to go directly to your database? Informs about changes in customer service hours, platform updates, service news, among others.

Send your portfolio

It's easier to sell to someone you've already sold to. That's why send your company's customer database your corporate portfolio so they know all the services you offer.

Implement remarketing

Use the information collected by the Facebook and Google pixel and send personalized emails based on the interests of the audience that has interacted with your ads.

Have a click report

You will be able to access the click report for each campaign to measure results.

Receive advice and learn more about iKono Mailing

Take a virtual tour

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Let's schedule an appointment in person or by video call and learn about the features of our iKono Mailing platform, while an advisor analyzes your case and tells you how you can send mass emails through this powerful platform. Talk to us on WhatsApp to schedule your appointment.

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