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Call Centers and their commitment to generating value for the Brand

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You, I, or at least someone we know has had contact with a call. In a broad sense the source call center networks A call center defines us as a company made up of a set of technological resources, whose main activity is to achieve interaction and connection with clients and potential clients through technological platforms integrated with computer tools, as this definition clearly cites the backbone of A call center is the interaction of advisors with the company's audiences and this is where we have to ask ourselves: Are companies evolving positively so that this interaction generates value for their brand? Are strategies being focused on improving perception and breaking the taboos of a service through a call center?

Establishing contact with a call center and encountering an advisor who does not convey the essence of the brand and is not prepared to understand, connect with whoever is on the other side and provide effective solutions to the user, means that in the same way we begin to read the brands, that we define them based on our experience through a call, chat or email, reaching the point of making decisions in which continuity, the link with the company and of course its reputation are compromised.

For this reason, it is important to invest in applications and developments adjusted to the needs of each brand, so that they contribute and generate value to the client through the experience they live in the call, which facilitate the interaction with the user for the advisor, which The repetitive and uncomfortable “Just a moment, please, the system is not loading” disappear from the agents' speeches and likewise the waiting times and downtimes in the call disappear or reach levels that are understandable to the user.     

All of this must go hand in hand with training processes that not only focus on product training, system usability or company policies, training that involves the well-being and personal growth of the agent that allows them to establish a direct relationship between the being and doing that result in real, human contact with the client.

“Consistently making small investments in people can generate an outstanding return” Scott Johnson.

Technology + Empowered brand agent = More rewarding experience for the user.

Good day! Liana M. Cardona C.     


Source: Call center networks, 2017.

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