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Currently, with technological advances, the use of digital channels has become the main form of communication and electronic commerce for companies, many of them had to adapt to digital, to create personalized experiences for customers and for this, the response They are chatbots.

The trend now is also artificial intelligence, which is here to stay.

  • What are chatbots?

A chatbot, also known as a chatbot or conversational bot – is software that simulates a human conversation through automatic responses. These answers are established after research work, always taking into account the client/user and their possible problems.  

In 1960, the first software that was considered a chatbot was created called Eliza and created by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum.

  • Why do chabots improve customer experience?

Many times companies do not provide a good response service to customers and this has made it a challenge and after the pandemic this problem grew in putting customers as the center of experience.

Providing personalized and close communication with your clients allows you to have a better relationship with them without interference or causing problems.

Interaction statistics continue to increase through digital channels thanks to technology, and chatbots have been great allies in this matter. 

Thanks to chatbots, it has made it possible to increase productivity and customer management effectively since their responses are instantaneous and have provided a faster and closer interaction with users.

We will introduce you to some essential elements to have a smooth journey with your clients. successful:

  • Speed: Clients want agile conversations and do not have the patience to wait for answers, which is why your collaborators need to.
  • Omnichannel: Establishing communication strategies through different channels such as calls, messages, emails, social networks, website, e-commerce, is ideal for companies to generate a better experience for customers.
  • Human quality: A differentiating and important factor for customer service is feeling empathy, treating others well, putting yourself in the users' shoes, showing a real interest in their needs without being a more commercial issue.
  • Personalized attention: The most important thing for a client is the attention you give them, they want to feel that they are important, and they notice all this from the first moment they are served and addressed by their name, they know their needs before offering them a solution.
  • Can you offer a great user experience from the chatbot?

The answer is yes, the chatbot is a technology that has evolved and currently facilitates the service process and generates a pleasant and unforgettable user experience.

  • Features and advantages of chatbots:
  • The chatbots They allow you to attend to thousands of conversations simultaneously, whether through social networks, your website, email or mobile applications, etc.
  • Chatbots can also be used to automate the services that companies have in different areas such as support, sales, administration, marketing, in order to streamline the contact that agents or collaborators have with customers.
  • They can be used to create tickets and provide support without needing to have a 24/7 agent available in a chat.
  • They are also capable of identifying users' emotions with each interaction they generate with customers.

Consumers should include the user experience as part of their strategy and add all those essential elements mentioned above.


It is recommended that bots deliver a better experience to customers, for this they must:

  • Unify digital communication channels
  • Make use of the same communication language.
  • Create a good attention speech to address customers in sales.
  • Put the customer first.

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