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Having good communication within your organization will make the efforts made effective, generate greater commitment, and have articulated areas that align with the organization's values. That is why it is important to implement efficient internal communication, which includes strategies and feedback channels with collaborators, through which they are informed about the progress, developments and changes of the company and are made participants in the achievements and transformations.

  • Internal communication

Internal communication is supported by various tools among which we have the messages and the relationship that a company has with its collaborators, the messages that are delivered and the people linked to the company's communication must be directed towards the same objective of promoting an open and purposeful relationship, to achieve this you must have content that informs, educates, motivates and reinforces the company's culture. 

Internal communication makes employees feel part of the company, value what the organization does for them and commit more with the proposed objectives. In addition, a pleasant and enjoyable work environment is generated.

  • Why internal communication is important:

There is constantly communication between a company and its collaborators, some examples are a new colleague, change within a team, failures in services and all those issues that require being known by the work team, even without having a communication channel. established, everything that happens within a company is perceived by its collaborators, however we must keep in mind that if we do not have an adequate strategy, the internal communication process and what we are trying to deliver can be perceived as something negative.

Not only external communication should capture our attention as company, internal communication is equally important and it must be strategic to have objectives to achieve measurable results.

Internal communication carried out appropriately helps us improve work flows, generates proactive environments (so the company gains productivity), contributes to positive brand perception internally and externally and turns your collaborators into ambassadors who They speak well of your organization and defend it.

Internal communication carried out strategically has another great advantage and is that it optimizes the onboarding of new collaborators, allows for stable workforces, and reduces absenteeism and staff turnover.

  • Technology as support in internal company communications

The technology It is a great ally when it comes to streamlining and massifying communications with our collaborators. Among the most used tools we have:

  • E-learning

It is a learning-teaching method through the internet.

The training process is more accessible since the collaborator can make the process interactive and independent, with synchronous and asynchronous communication, and at the same time educational.

  • intranet

They are internal computer networks that companies have for access only by members of the organization where documents and communications can be handled more confidentially.

Some of its uses may vary between sharing files, sending documents, downloading instructions, chatting, video conferencing, among others.

  • Email

These are electronic addresses intended for shipment and receipt of work materials, circulars and related information.

  • Videoconferences

It is a system which has made it possible to facilitate communication and the generation of meetings with work groups in which its members can have different locations. simultaneous.

  • chatbot

The revolution in the entire topic of communication in recent times has been chatbots which help us streamline processes in terms of procedures, requests, management of actions, reporting of production processes and helping collaborators with the procedures to follow in the event of an event.

  • PBX

This system allows you to manage the company's telephony, both internally and externally, providing greater professionalism in the distribution and output of telephone calls within the company.

  • Internal chat

Internal chats are powerful and in-demand instruments to improve productivity in a company, if you know how to use them well since they provide greater agility in communications and allow information to be managed much better.

Having adequate internal communication will lead you as a company to achieve your objectives, to have controlled information including all collaborators. making them feel a fundamental part of the processes and that is where the magic lies in having a comfortable work environment where the information is clear and accessible.

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