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The development of telephone systems is closely linked to business growth initiatives, and PBX centers represent a key tool to support these processes.

Communication is essential for the proper functioning of companies, not only internally but as a point of contact with external customers, partners and suppliers, which is why efforts are focused on developing technologies for these processes, thus achieving considerable progress.

The incursion of the Internet has been a factor of great importance in all aspects of our lives and business communication has not been left out of this influence. Thanks to the Internet, VoIP has been able to develop, which represents a very important change in the way we communicate today and represents a fundamental advance in the way in which companies manage their call centers to provide the best customer service. customer and enhance their sales departments.

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Does a PBX do more than route calls?

A modern PBX represents the basis for a collaboration solution that includes not only voice calls, but also interactive voice response (IVR). These voice responses are of great support within the operation as they speed up the attention of our clients.

What help does a PBX represent for my company?

A PBX supports increased productivity and gives your company a professional tone when communicating with your clients, colleagues and partners. This tone will give greater seriousness to the communication process, generating greater trust.

Here you can learn about the Types of PBX

  • Traditional PBX

These connect to landline telephone lines using dedicated hardware, usually a routing console. All connections are wired, creating a physical voice network separate from the enterprise data network. While many traditional PBX systems are still in use, they are becoming obsolete as cloud-based options with new features appear, making implementation of this no longer as advisable due to its scalability not being viable.

  • PBX over IP

IP PBXs operate in the cloud, on the same network as the data, this helps us save on hardware and infrastructure expenses. Other advantages include: simplified scalability and customization; facilitate the ability to use an IP phone, landline phone, or softphone and/or headset connected to a computer.

An IP PBX has every chance of being scaled and updated. Typically, it will maximize the use of the latest technology and have more comprehensive features than traditional PBX systems. An IP PBX also allows for simple management of users, settings and functions from a web interface.

  • PBX over IP: with local host

This type of PBX uses your office's LAN (local area network) to connect extensions to a local server, then uses the Internet to connect calls, and can also be adapted to connect with traditional telephone lines. This type of PBX operates in the cloud, but still requires a lot of hardware and local configuration, which means additional investment.

  • PBX over IP: with remote host

Remote Hosting allows the PBX to be removed from local servers and instead hosted entirely in the cloud and using only VoIP (voice over IP) to connect and transmit calls. This option is usually provided as a service, so hardware does not have to be purchased, minimizing initial costs, facilitating its implementation and acquisition.

Most providers do not require the purchase of IP extension phones only. The VoIP PBX can be a good option for small companies or those with a low budget, which is why we want to give you some advice about the benefits that the PBX Telephone System has in a company:
  • Minimize costs
  • Simple maintenance
  • Internet connection
  • Ease of mobility and remote work 
  • Greater possibility of scalability and/or expansion 
  • Access to Call Center features

There is great progress at a technological level in this area, which is why it is of great importance not to be left behind since there is a risk of not offering clients what they expect or otherwise causing service to be slow and the level customer satisfaction is affected.

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