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Within our service process and path towards excellence in care, it is vitally important to measure to know the perception of our clients and to know which points we must improve and in which points we are strong, the satisfaction survey is one of the many tools that They make it easier for us to carry out this measurement.

Why is it important to conduct surveys with my clients?

  • They allow us to guarantee the care of our clients at each point of contact within their journey. 
  • We will be able to know the level of loyalty that our customers have and thus recognize if they would recommend your products, services or the company to other people.
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  • It demonstrates to the customer the importance of their opinion to us and the improvement of our service process.
  • Transparency and the company's friendly treatment of its customers are promoted.

It allows you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the organization.

  • How to prepare a survey?

To create an efficient customer satisfaction survey, it is necessary to use a brief and have a list of important aspects to carry it out:

  • Describe each action in detail.
  • Identify the buyer persona of your company.
  • Find what media is needed to create the survey.
  • Keep in mind the dates of the survey schedule, the day and time it begins as well as the day it ends.
  • Another important point is the metrics that will be used to measure the results of the surveys.
  • Have a budget in case you generate advertising with this type of surveys.

Once our entire brief is completed with the necessary information, we can go to the next step.

We must take into account the tone or language used in the surveys as well as the objectives that we want to achieve in our company with the buyer persona.

Each question we ask can be in different ways, open, closed or with multiple answer options. All this will be easier for your clients and thus have concise answers. 

We can choose a specific topic, not generate so many questions, that is very specific so that it is easy for the client to answer and it does not take much time.

Doing good segmentation is ideal so that we are not sending surveys to all our clients, that is not the objective, choosing the specific group or audience, the main thing is to obtain quality results and that they be considerable quantities.

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  • Why measure customer satisfaction?

If your customers are satisfied, they are likely to recommend our company to others and return to continue buying from us, word of mouth is an advantage for our business. When customers feel disappointed, they may spread certain information with negative online and offline evaluations that entail massive losses in sales and a significant impact on the confidence of prospects.

We mention some advantages:

  • It helps you reduce costs in your company with that advertising.
  • Increase the loyalty of your customers.
  • It allows you to expand your target.
  • Receive positive recommendations or references when your clients feel satisfied.

There are various types of surveys such as the NPS, CES and CSAT that are used to find out if customers are satisfied with the company, if the problems were solved and if they received the product or service purchased well, they have response scales.

It is possible to customize satisfaction surveys; some aspects must be taken into account in any type of survey. 

  • We may ask customers to evaluate to know their opinion of our company.
  • Create spaces for your customers to give open comments about their experience with purchasing the product or service.
  • Prepare your survey so that it is responsive and can be viewed on your clients' mobile phones, so they can answer the survey more easily.
  • Use a tone and language that is easy to understand.

The interaction you have with your clients can also be done through emails, text messages or a mobile app and generate those successful surveys.

You can also add more questions to get to know your client better, such as their age, gender, educational background, address, marital status, among other fields that you believe are important for your company.

If you require more detailed information, you can ask more questions and categorize them to find out the opinion of your customers regarding your service, for example, if the purchasing experience was good, if they provided an excellent service, if the product is of quality, if it has warranty. 

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After carrying out your survey you will obtain numerous results and data that must be processed appropriately in order to achieve the objective set at the beginning.

  • Reply to customer: When faced with negative comments from the client, you must give a prompt response. If a PQRSF is treated appropriately, it will increase the possibility of linking the customer with your company in the long term.
  • Analyze the results and identify trends: If a broad tendency towards negative opinions is identified, we can optimize it if necessary.

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