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We invite you to watch the full webinar in this link.

Our first webinar of 2023 with our guest speaker who is part of the iKono development area Esteban Galvis and our commercial executive presenter Vanessa Chavarro.

Vanessa: This is our first webinar of this year 2023, Esteban is the guest today who has been a great support in the development area. Tell us Esteban What is iKono Chat?

Esteban: iKono Chat It is a platform that centralizes a company's communications within a single place. A company can have different communication channels, the ones we can offer would be Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

With our platform they would be able to have all the chats from these channels centralized and then be able to manage these conversations effectively through an agent. Having everything in one place makes it easier to resolve your customers' questions and provide them with the attention they deserve.

Vanessa: We can also think that the time of the people who will be there for customer service will be managed much more optimally and logically they will be able to think about selling through different channels.

Knowing that iKono Chat It allows us to centralize the communication that we want to provide to end clients and we no longer have to keep an eye on 3 different tabs but everything on the same platform.

Let's get into the matter, What is an agent?

Esteban: An agent within iKono Chat is responsible for managing the conversations that come through the platform and providing solutions to clients. Agents will have tools that allow them to do this management, they will have access to client rooms, They will be able to send templates to clients, transfer conversations if they require another person to do the process, they will have different tools that they will show later.

Vanessa: When we talk about agents then we also have the other side of what the Supervisor would be.

Esteban: Supervisors are in charge of keeping an eye on the agents within the tools they have, they can monitor the activity of the agents who are present at that moment, who are responding effectively to customer chats. You can manage the chats in case the agents need help at any time and to make it easier for the agents to manage them in a more optimal way.

To see what the iKono Chat interface is like access here.

Vanessa: Here we are going to tell you some news about the platform.

Esteban: In our iKono Chat platform, the management that the agents do within the platform is called Agent operations, it's a new concept that was introduced recently, it's a really good thing.

From the supervisor, we have information from the dashboard about all our agents and what status they are in at this moment. There you can see 10 agents of which only one is connected, this way I could go and tell them, excuse me, agents, you could connect to start the management.

We are also going to have breaks, which is a very important concept, the agents could then at any time carry out a different activity or if they are in training, go out for lunch, etc., take breaks to avoid conversations that they cannot attend to at that time. moment and that the agents who are available receive these conversations.

Our method of assigning the chats that write to our clients is through a service queue, a chat comes in and we verify which agent is available, we assign that chat and then the next time, that agent is omitted to avoid overloading agents and The next available one is searched to assign it. In which case, if we need to pause within the platform, we can do so to prevent those chats from accumulating, and so that when we come in from lunch, for example, we will not have angry users in our chats saying that we have not given a solution to what we have. what do you require.

Let's first look at the reasons for pauses and for the agents to say why they are pausing. Within our break reason management interface we have two, meeting or lunch, we can create a new one that is for example: bathroom, and choose an icon that we can easily identify for this break.

Vanessa: I want to make a note, this part of the pauses is something important in this chat management, here we are getting into the importance of why use a chat platform to manage those WhatsApp communications or any other channel, let's say that The first thing that comes to mind is basically that they can have traceability of what happens with those communications that are going to enter the company, while if the agents are going to be attending to the chats through their personal chats or each agent however they want to attend to them, They will not have traceability, they will not see a single vision of the company, such as what the client would like to make their end users understand, how they want to treat them, how long they want to leave their clients waiting, it is another issue. deep because we have clients from different sectors.

When we talk about the health sector, when I go to make an appointment it may be that the waiting time is longer than what I want to wait, like when I write to a drugstore, if I am writing to a drugstore I want them to respond to me now because I am writing to buy a product. that I need urgently. So this issue of breaks is also going to help them manage those chats better and therefore that customer service is going to be much better because we are going to avoid those long waiting times for customers so that they feel better served by the company. company they are writing to.

Esteban: It is a very important issue to be able to take into account the advantages of having a platform like this, it is not having it for the sake of having it but knowing that it will represent a benefit for our communications and for the attention that we are going to give to our clients, because It will generate loyalty with people because in the case of the drugstore, if the company responds quickly to the user to solve the problem, it will be a place where the customer will continue writing. These tools will generate loyalty for the people who are communicating with us who require our services. 

estados pausa

In the pauses interface it asks us why we are going to pause, we will have the possibility of pausing, for example at the end of the afternoon 10 minutes before the end of the day, we can pause and finish managing the chats that we have assigned to that time. moment and then be able to finish the day in a good way and let clients know that it is no longer a good time to write.

To know all the information about our platform and see the complete webinar, access this link.

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